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Mason & Madison... Gifts with Style

The launch of a Middleton-based gift store has turned heads and changed the way people shop for gifts. At Mason & Madison… gifts with style, shopping for thoughtful, unique, and personal gifts is made easy. The exclusive Grand Opening of Mason & Madison, is the latest addition to the North Shore specialty gift shopping scene.

Boutique owner Liz White, launched her first boutique, Mason & Madison back in March of this year. Liz specializes in an upscale offering of gifts and custom gift baskets for women, men, kids and babies, stationery and greeting cards. She also features products from LOCAL artists and designers like custom invitations, jewelry, accessories and hip clothing.

Mason & Madison offers a selection of high quality gifts for special occasions. But, what really sets the boutique apart from other gift shops is the fact that it features local artists and first-time entrepreneurs.

Americans are waking up to the fact that "handmade" doesn’t mean what it used to. As young, cash-strapped shoppers get turned off by mass-marketed retail, more are shopping for one-of-a-kind items – like the ones found at the Mason & Madison boutique.

“The concept of the perfect gift is increasingly elusive. We all want to give gifts that will at once be unique and cherished, but everyone seems to have access to everything these days and finding the right gift can be difficult and frustrating. More than ever, the pressure is on to find special gifts that are both beautiful and th oughtful,” according to owner (and local Middleton resident) Liz White.

"Gift-giving is an important part of every culture. When you give someone a gift, it reinforces a relationship. But, it's both difficult and time-consuming to find gifts that express thoughtfulness. By giving users the ability to choose traditional gifts or a handmade gift, Mason & Madison brings “custom” back into gift-giving without the custom price. We make the process interesting and fun. Our inventory is constantly evolving."

The economy may be rocky, but the future looks surprisingly bright for Donna Cabral “a.k.a. The Bow Fairy” and other members of Mason & Madison’s tight-knit community of local artisans who create handmade products that are on display in the new store.

Part of the popularity of handmade or “indie” products stems from the person, the story and the inspiration behind every sale. "You're not feeding a faceless corporation," Donna Cabral said. "You're supporting a neighbor or a community.”

The concept is conveyed through Mason & Madison’s ability to integrate and feature 10 local woman artists in the store amongst a fabulous selection of items she selects at the gift shows in New York and Atlanta. The gifts can be gift-wrapped or made into a custom gift basket whose items have been handpicked with the recipient in mind, luxuriously wrapped, to bring back the personalization and excitement of giving and receiving.

Mason & Madison offers a unique solution for those who want to give thoughtful gifts for special occasions. Browse through the great selection of local artists as they join together with Mason & Madison to offer one-of-a-kind gift items. By-pass the malls and make a bee-line for Middleton. Mason & Madison is a great new addition to the Middleton business landscape!

Mason & with style!
Two Central Street
Located in the “Middleton Green”
Middleton, MA 01949
(978) 777-8883